Andrea Graff Interior Design
A few of my favourites...

What makes good design?
Beauty combines with practicality.  You have to be able to relax in a chair, luxuriate on a sofa, and feel completely cocooned in a room. Good design involves a symbiotic relationship between the client, architect and interior designer.

What are your personal passions?
Travel nurtures my creative instinct and exposes me to new visual stimuli, from the cutting-edge architecture of Sir Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid to the jewelled intricacy of Fabergé eggs. I devour magazines, and I love fashion. I really enjoy interacting with a wide range of people – after all, that is ultimately what Andrea Graff Interior Design is all about.


Speaking of personal passions, where does the client fit into the picture?
Understanding and implementing my clients' needs is the key. I’m pleased to say that I’ve always had a happy, creative and personal relationship with my clients and work very closely with them in order to deliver their fantasy.

You’re known for your love of fabrics...
Silks, linens, brocade, velvets... fabrics inspire and delight me in the same way that a gorgeous piece of art does!  My designs are inspired by prints and textures. I love adding unexpected and unusual touches which might seem "off" at first but actually work perfectly when it all comes together.

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