Andrea Graff Interior Design
Services by Lankham House

Andrea Graff, through her company Lankham House cc, handles every aspect of the project, from the initial concept to the final finishing touches. We plan and work symbiotically with the architect; provide detailed visuals and working drawings; and pull together every aspect of the interior.

Our services include: Client briefing, visual concepts, design detailing, selection of materials,
sourcing quotations,commissioning craftsmen, managing the budget, project management, deadline control and finishing touches.

We specialise in kitchen and bathroom design, bespoke furniture, sourcing and curating artworks, and ultimately delivering and expanding on the client’s brief. Our aim is to enhance and express our client’s domestic fantasies, corporate needs or professional goals. Whether the project is a chic bar lounge, a revamped home, an entirely new residence, executive offices or an idyllic island lodge, we deliver!


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